The content displayed in this game white paper is intended to showcase the gameplay and format of the game, not the final product. We are dedicated to providing the best gaming experience. Before the full version of the game is released, the official team will make appropriate improvements and adjustments to the overall art style, game system, and gameplay design.

What is Isle of Tales?

Isle of Tales is a world centered around creators, engaging in a leisure gaming genre through a Create To Earn model. It stands as StoryNFT’s inaugural metaverse open-world game.

Set on an island in the sky, it harbors a portal – the Reality Interface – linking to the real world. Players, as new inhabitants of Story City, can select their professions, each endowed with unique abilities. Here, your creativity can be transformed into game content, yielding royalty earnings. If creation isn’t your calling, you also can enjoy in dive into DAO governance to uphold the city’s harmony.

It’s also an ideal marketplace for NFT transactions, offering currency or item exchanges through market and banking facilities. A proposal process for homemade items allows your creations the chance to become part of the game’s NFT collection, encouraging you to unleash your imagination and craft your unique gameplay experience within the game.

Choose Your Profession

Each profession has its own unique gameplay and characteristics, and a room system has been designed.The primary function of rooms is to serve as a storage space for players’ creations. In addition to profession-specific works, other types of creations can also be categorized as collectibles. Each room comes equipped with a wardrobe where players can change into purchased clothing to showcase their personal style, with outfits available for purchase in the marketplace.


  • The room is a study where works can be stored, allowing for the direct application of story proposals without going through the application process.
  • Story Hall Bonus: Receives 3 additional story proposal tickets monthly, which can be resold. Exclusive to writers.


  • The room is a studio where artworks can be stored and in-game skills of others can be mimicked.
  • Exhibition Hall Bonus: Receives 3 additional exhibition tickets monthly, which can be resold. Exclusive to painters.


  • The room is a dance studio where movements can be stored, enabling direct mastery of dance skills without learning.
  • Movement Learning Bonus: Receives 3 additional movement exchange tickets monthly, which can be resold. Exclusive to dancers.


  • The room is a photography studio where photos can be stored, allowing for the documentation of specific scenes.
  • Mission Bonus: Receives 3 additional mission bonus tickets monthly (150% mission rewards), which can be resold. Exclusive to photographers.


  • The room is a music room where musical works can be stored, and can forcibly lower the difficulty of mission games.
  • Voting Bonus: Receives 3 additional voting boost tickets monthly (voting weight +10%), which can be resold. Exclusive to musicians.


 In the game, each profession starts with different attributes, which can later be enhanced based on achievements. There are four main attributes:

Focus (F): Determines the number of task actions.

Mind (M): Increases the probability of learning and receiving critical hit rewards.

Pratice (P): The speed of learning skills.

Luck (L): Affects the success rate of probabilistic event tasks.

The game does not have levels or experience points, but the Story Hall offers players various types of gaming enjoyment. Attributes also influence specific abilities of players in mission games.


 The areas mainly divide into the Main Zone and the Free Zone. The Main Zone, aside from numerous facilities, will gradually introduce venues for leisure activities and competitions, where players can engage in daily tasks and Story Hall game missions. The Free Zone, a future development plan, will open up spaces for player purchase. Here, players can freely express their creativity, create their own spaces, host events, rent to others, and earn the currency Isle.


Task Center

Task primarily accumulate achievement points to enhance character attributes. The main types of task include puzzle-solving (some may integrate with the real world) and gathering (recurring tasks).

Story Hall

The Story Hall is the core of the Isle of Tales game, resembling an arcade or cinema. Players can select specific games to play by purchasing tickets with Isle currency, earning Isle rewards during gameplay. The games, ranging from RPGs, mystery-solving, text novels, to side-scrolling adventures, focus on narrative-driven experiences. Completing a game rewards players with achievement points and specific achievement , which can be pledged in the NFT bank for specific earnings when the game officially launches.

Proposal Submission Center

To become a certified creator on the official StoryNFT, one must apply before the game’s launch (details to be announced). Applications cover, but are not limited to, story writing, art and special effects, dance and motion, photographic arts, and music design. Upon certification, players receive a creator’s verified, qualifying them to submit proposals in these areas. Proposals can include:

– Submitting story works for the Story Hall.

– Applications for exhibitions in the Exhibition Area.

A web version of the Proposal Submission Center is planned for future development, allowing for applications without entering the game directly.

Exhibition Area

Offers a public venue for hosting events, where players can schedule and publicly sell tickets for exhibitions at designated times. The format is flexible, Functions like a public space version of a free zone.

Reality Interface

Serves as a marketplace for selling game-related merchandise, with players receiving actual products in the real world after purchase.

NFT Bank

Linked with StoryFi’s staking and lending, the NFT Bank in “Isle of Tales” primarily offers players rewards for staking Isle in designated areas, alongside item collateral loans at market-announced interest rates.


An autonomous management community within the game, divided into community management and work review. The DAO is allocated a review percentage to decide on the listing of games in the Story Hall.


A venue for players to auction their items, with periodic auctions for rare items.


Integrated with StoryFi’s swap and marketplace, where players can list their NFT items for sale in Isle or another item. The marketplace also features official NFT items for sale, including apparel and action sets, priced in Isle currency.



How It Works

The Story Hall of Isle of Tales is the core of the game. It transforms creators’ works into playable games, allowing players to experience various styles within the Isle of Tales world. Each game in the Story Hall has its ticket price, and ticket sales not only provide royalties to creators but also fund game development, with potential extensions into text publishing, anime, and other formats.

In our token economy and community governance, players can stake NFT in the NFT Bank to exchange for voting rights for project selection, with Isle coin rewards for both staking and community management.

Our token economy model employs a deflationary approach, We also plan buy-back mechanisms in the Isle creators’ fund to increase currency scarcity.

What is the Isle Creator Fund?

The Isle Creator Fund is a nurturing program for game creators of “Isle of Tales,” set to deeply integrate with the StoryNFT creator community and foundation in the future.

Sources of the Isle Creator Fund include:

-Game revenue.

-Project earnings allocated based on individual case ratios.

Uses of the fund are:

-Incubating projects and nurturing talents in game production, including but not limited to story creators,planners, artists, and programmers, as well as serving as the production cost for the annual game adaptation.

-Organizing events like limited-time extreme game development, creative courses, and workshops.

-Executing planned buy-backs of Isle for burning.

NFT Types Introduction

In “Isle of Tales,” aside from some specially designed items, we aim to NFTize essentially all items. Our plan categorizes NFT items into six main types:

  • Ticket Types

Include voting tickets, voting boost tickets, proposal tickets, exhibition tickets, participation tickets, mission boost tickets, Story Hall tickets, auction tickets, action exchange tickets, event announcement tickets (for using billboards to announce events), resource synthesis tickets (for developing exclusive functional items, which can become public items through DAO voting and turn into item NFTs), and space unit tickets (for collecting rent, hosting events, charging for events, setting up stalls, and organizing competitions).


  • Certificate Types

Mainly consist of bank pledge certificates, creator certificates (stories, drawings, photos, actions, music), space teleportation certificates (for reaching owned or rented spaces), and achievement certificates.


  • Card Types

Mainly feature bonuses such as Isle coin reward enhancements and specific attribute increases, for example, character cards (like the Shakespemeow series cards). They also interact with official NFT releases (e.g., Angel series cards, Angel story cards, and artist airdrop card series).


  • Apparel Types

Divided into appearance (hairstyles, faces, body shapes), main apparel (clothes, coats, pants, shoes), and accessories (hats, glasses, jewelry, rings, hand ornaments).


  • Material Types

Categorized into raw materials and processed materials.


  • Item Types

Include consumable items, skill development items, and mission-specific items.

Token Introduction

Isle is the primary universal currency in the game, used for market purchases, space rentals, voting pledge rewards, etc. Isle will officially launch before the game’s testing phase concludes. Prior to the official launch, airdrops will be based on specific NFTs held by players. The token plan includes:

Total Supply: 5 billion


  • 25% to the team
  • 25% for sales
  • 10% for liquidity
  • 20% for DAO rewards
  • 10% for marketing
  • 10% for the creator fund

How to Earn Isle

  • Employment

Each character has an employment feature, but when a team undertakes a mission requiring specific roles, the employment mechanism is activated, using Isle as currency.


  • Ticket Trading

Characters can exchange needed tickets in the marketplace.


  • Space Utilization

Players can collect Isle from their own purchased or rented venues.


  • Mission Rewards:

Players can earn Isle rewards from daily tasks and Story Hall missions. Some missions can be tackled through teaming up, which is facilitated by the room matchmaking system. Teaming up offers bonus rewards and enables completion of tasks that require specific professions through cooperative play. Teams can be formed in private or public recruitment rooms. Engaging in missions isn’t the only purpose of teaming; it can also be for social gatherings and activities.


  • DAO Voting:

Players can stake Isle to obtain voting tickets, with staked Isle earning interest or rewards.

Our Roadmap