About Us

The foundation of StoryNFT is built upon a deep understanding: storytelling is a natural human instinct, our shared language, and the cultural bond that unites us. Throughout history, stories have shaped our worldviews and behavior patterns. At StoryNFT, our goal is to elevate these captivating tales beyond the minds of their creators, making them known to people in every corner of the globe. We are in search of stories that have the potential to be adapted into larger works, such as graphic novels, animations, or games—whether they are heartwarming love stories, thrilling fantasy adventures, or profound literary works, we look forward to them sparkling brilliantly on the StoryNFT platform.

To achieve this aim, we have adopted a unique approach: encouraging and showcasing story creation through the issuance of story cards. We disperse the essence of each story across a specific number of cards, which are released either in serialized or simultaneous fashion, allowing readers and collectors to gradually unlock and experience the whole narrative. This not only makes the presentation of stories more interactive and engaging but also endows the cards with a unique value as collectibles.

Following the issuance of these cards, we actively explore the possibility of adapting these card stories into other forms, such as animations and games. Such adaptations can bring additional royalty income to the creators and also provide card owners with tangible financial returns from their collections. In other words, card owners not only possess a valuable collectible but also have the opportunity to benefit from the subsequent adaptations and uses of these stories.

Through blockchain technology and smart contracts, we ensure that every purchase and adaptation use of a work brings fair royalty income to the creators while also protecting the interests of card owners. This mechanism not only encourages more creative output but also paves new pathways for the diversified development of stories.


At StoryNFT, we firmly believe in the transformative power of stories to enrich and color human life. StoryNFT is not just a platform but an ecosystem designed to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration between storytelling and visual art. Storytelling is an innate ability we possess, and since the dawn of humanity, countless stories have shaped our history and reality. We yearn to elevate these precious narratives beyond the minds of their creators, making them visible and audible to people around the world.

Initially, StoryNFT places special emphasis on stories that hold the potential to be transformed into graphic novels, animations, and games. We believe that through these popular mediums, stories can be presented in new ways, reaching a wider audience, sparking more resonance and inspiration. Whether it’s heartwarming love tales or thrilling adventures, we are committed to providing a stage for these stories to be showcased and flourish.

As time progresses, we plan to incorporate a broader range of literary and artistic types, exploring new forms of integrating text with imagery. Our goal is to create more astonishing story cards through such interdisciplinary cooperation, not only expanding the ways stories are expressed but also broadening the audience for these narratives. This approach will allow more people to access these diverse and rich story worlds, enjoying the joy and enlightenment that stories bring.

StoryNFT is dedicated to being an innovative platform that pushes the boundaries of story creation, inspiring creativity among global creators. We look forward to exploring the future of storytelling with creators and story enthusiasts worldwide, allowing more exceptional stories to shine in the StoryNFT universe and jointly witnessing the new chapters of story creation.


The realm of story creation is a market brimming with potential. From traditional book publishing to adaptations into movies and TV series, and the emergence of games and virtual reality experiences in recent years, compelling stories have always been the most precious asset in the cultural industry. StoryNFT is built on this understanding, utilizing blockchain technology to open new possibilities for story creation and sharing. We leverage the blockchain’s immutability for copyright protection, ensuring that each story’s originality and ownership are securely preserved on our platform.

Moreover, through smart contracts, StoryNFT automates the distribution of royalties in a trustless manner. This means that as long as the work continues to generate revenue, creators theoretically receive perpetual royalties, providing a continuous income stream for their creative endeavors. This automation not only simplifies the process but also ensures fairness and transparency in compensating creators.

In StoryNFT, we also value the free market of story creation. We plan to implement a mechanism within our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to determine a certain proportion of publishing rights through voting. This approach empowers our community members, including creators, investors, and collectors, to have a voice in the decision-making process, further democratizing the creation and distribution of stories.

At StoryNFT, we are not just narrating stories; we are creating a new future for them. We envision a platform where more outstanding stories are discovered and appreciated, where creators are rewarded for their contributions, and investors and collectors find unique value. We look forward to exploring and uncovering untold story treasures with creators and story enthusiasts worldwide, witnessing how they flourish within the StoryNFT universe.