Shakespemeow Sales Now!

To celebrate our Discord launch, we're rolling out the first character in the Isle of Tales series - Shakespemeow! Shakespemeow comes in 4 style versions, with the first black and white version being released as a limited edition of 40,000, distributed in batches across four language editions (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese), with 10,000 copies for each language edition at an initial price of 99 Matic. Currently, we are offering 950 promotional slots for each language edition of Shakespemeow, available at a special price of 20 Matic on OpenSea. To foster community engagement, we're also reserving 50 slots from each language edition for rewards through Discord community activities. Join our Discord to not miss out on these exciting activities and rewards!

Angel Card Sales On Now!

Angel Card,invests in the future of storytelling.
Each card unveils a unique tale, co-creating value, embarking on a new chapter
of digital narration.

【Time Encounter】Sales On Now

This is the first batch of experimental story cards issued with the original sci-fi theme "Time Encounter" as the story
background, presented in a serialized story outline format. The ideal plan is for 100 cards, but the actual number may
adjust based on progress, aiming to maintain serialization until 100 cards are completed.

The foundation of StoryNFT is built upon a deep understanding: storytelling is a natural human instinct, our shared language, and the cultural bond that unites us. Throughout history, stories have shaped our worldviews and behavior patterns. At StoryNFT, our goal is to elevate these captivating tales beyond the minds of their creators, making them known to people in every corner of the globe. We are in search of stories that have the potential to be adapted into larger works, such as graphic novels, animations, or games—whether they are heartwarming love stories, thrilling fantasy adventures, or profound literary works, we look forward to them sparkling brilliantly on the StoryNFT platform.

Isle of Tales is a world centered around creators, engaging in a leisure gaming genre through a Create To Earn model. It stands as StoryNFT's inaugural metaverse open-world game. Set on an island in the sky, it harbors a portal - the Reality Interface - linking to the real world. Players, as new inhabitants of Story City, can select their professions, each endowed with unique abilities. Here, your creativity can be transformed into game content, yielding royalty earnings. If creation isn’t your calling, you also can enjoy in dive into DAO governance to uphold the city’s harmony.

Unleashing the power of storytelling through blockchain. Transforming tales into timeless NFT treasures.

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