How It Works

Starting with Story Cards, StoryNFT merges the talents of story creators and illustrators to develop compelling Story Cards. Story Card creators will earn fixed royalties from the cards, which contain brief stories. In the future, we plan to adapt these story prototypes into various formats, not limited to animations, graphic novels, and games, with the adaptation’s profits also included in the creators’ royalties.

Users who purchase Story Cards will also enjoy investment returns, which we will distribute in the form of airdrops as agreed.

Story Cards feature the ability to be staked and exchanged for other Story Cards. They can also be used for staking loans and auctions, functionalities that will be fully realized in our future StoryFi economic system.

Annually, we will delegate twenty percent of the publishing rights to the DAO, which will use governance tokens to vote on which stories they wish to see published as complete story carriers.

Story Cards will utilize smart contracts for creator registration and reward distribution, employing blockchain’s immutability for copyright protection.

Following the development of StoryFi, we will collaborate with more creators and actively partner with institutions to increase the visibility of creators’ works.

The concept of the MetaVerse, a Web3 open world starting from storytelling, is also a goal of the StoryNFT project, which will materialize in the future.

We plan to independently develop some games in collaboration with selected Story Card creators, launching standalone games. In these games, users holding the relevant Story Cards can use them as in-game items, earning additional profits.

Besides Story Cards, we will also launch specific angel crowdfunding, event, or commemorative form NFTs. These NFTs are not just collectibles; based on their category, they possess different rights and characteristics within the project, primarily divided into several features. Not all NFTs will have all features; specifics depend on the category of the NFT:

1. Future specified event profit sharing, such as staking pools, game item rewards, and physical events.

2. Project members can participate in exclusive events and enjoy event discounts.

3. Priority purchase of future projects/IDOs.