What is StoryFi

In the economic model of StoryFi, we have meticulously designed seven functionalities aimed at maximizing the value and interactivity of stories, while also offering users a variety of ways to engage:


NFT Swap

This platform feature allows users to easily exchange NFTs, facilitating the flow and discovery of story cards. With a user-friendly interface, individuals can find the stories they are most interested in or swap their collections with others, thereby continually enriching their personal story libraries.



The autonomous community of StoryNFT is at the heart of the project, granting each user decision-making power. Through a voting mechanism, users can participate in significant project decisions, including selecting specific story cards for publication, ensuring the community’s desires are reflected

NFT Stake

Users have the opportunity to stake their NFTs in designated reward pools to receive periodic returns. This not only enhances the value of holding NFTs but also creates a chance for passive income for users.


NFT Lending

This feature allows NFT holders to lend their assets to others in a peer-to-peer manner, providing liquidity to those in need while also generating income for the NFT owners.



A market specifically designed for story cards and related merchandise, offering a direct trading platform for creators and collectors. Here, every transaction is a recognition and support of the story’s value.



The auction functionality enables rare or popular story cards to find their true value in the market. Users can participate in bidding to secure the story cards they desire.



Acting as an incubator for story creation, StoryIDO focuses on identifying story creation projects with potential and providing independent incubation support. Through the IDO format, these story projects can gain the necessary funding and community backing to foster their growth and development.

With these seven features, StoryFi not only constructs a comprehensive story finance ecosystem but also provides rich interaction and participation opportunities for users. We believe that as StoryFi continues to evolve, this platform will inspire more creativity, promote the exchange and spread of story culture, and create unique value and experiences for participants.