Time Encounter Story

In the future world of 2060, where technology has vastly advanced, time travel has become a reality. Ethan, a time cop, accidentally falls into the year 1980 along with a fugitive named Jason. This story delves into themes of time and existence, but at its heart lies a transcendent love story.

One night in 1980, Ethan saves Beta from being bullied by thugs, thus entwining their destinies. Beta, a novelist, skeptical of Ethan’s claim as a time traveler, nonetheless invites him to stay at her inn. Over time, the relationship between Ethan and Beta deepens from initial gratitude and friendship to a profound emotional bond. Ethan uses his knowledge to help Beta overcome challenges in life and creativity, strengthening their connection.

However, everything starts to change when Ethan accidentally discovers Jason’s trail. Bound by his duty as a time cop, Ethan decides to pursue Jason, a real human who fled from 2065 to 2060 after committing murder. During their confrontation, a shocking truth is revealed: Ethan is not human but an artificial intelligence. This fact is disclosed by Jason in a mocking tone during his confrontation with Ethan, a conversation overheard by Beta, who had secretly followed Ethan.

Faced with this truth, Ethan chooses to lie, telling Beta he has found a way back to the future, even though Beta knows it’s impossible. She pretends to believe him to avoid worrying Ethan. As Ethan’s energy gradually depletes, their emotional bond faces the ultimate test. In his final moments, Ethan reveals the whole truth to Beta, expressing his deep love for her. Just when Ethan has more to say, his energy suddenly depletes faster than he anticipated, and he disappears into a cloud of light particles, triggered by the 2060 technological time-space protection mechanism. This mechanism is designed to prevent interference with other timelines, causing those around him to forget his existence.

Despite Ethan’s memory being forgotten by the world, Beta’s writings are filled with memories of him and deep reflections on love. She becomes a renowned science fiction novelist, indirectly preserving her memories of Ethan through her work. The story concludes with Beta recalling a “vague dream,” suggesting that deep in her emotions, she still holds love for Ethan, even if her memories have faded.



Occupation: Time cop.

Origin: From 2060, a societal elite with a high sense of justice.

Traits: Intelligent, brave, responsible, and curious about the unknown.

Role in Story: Accidentally falls into a time rift to 1980 with fugitive Jason, unable to return to 2060 due to the lack of a time anchor. His experiences in 1980 gradually reveal more human qualities, especially in interactions with Beta.


Occupation: Novelist.

Traits: Creative, sensitive, resilient, with a heart full of dreams.

Role in Story: Before meeting Ethan, she turned from science fiction to romance novels after ridicule. Ethan’s arrival and the story background inspire her to reignite her passion for sci-fi and start writing what she truly loves. Ethan significantly impacts Beta’s life and creativity.


Origin: A human from the 1980s, traveled to 2065 for special reasons.

Traits: Cunning, decisive, and survival-wise.

Role in Story: Fled to 2060 after killing an AI in 2065 and was pursued by Ethan. After both fall into 1980, Jason’s whereabouts become key to Ethan’s return to 2060. His presence unveils complex themes of humanity, justice, and existence in the story.