StoryNFT is a platform that combines blockchain technology for the creation and sharing of stories, allowing users to trade, and collect unique story cards based on NFTs.

Users can buy NFTs, including story cards and Angel Series cards, using cryptocurrencies through our designated Marketplace.

The Angel Card is a special NFT designed to raise funds for the development of StoryFI, with holders entitled to specific profits and benefits.

They are limited edition NFTs based on specific themes or stories, offering early supporters a unique story experience and the opportunity for future benefits.

You can participate by purchasing NFTs, participating in community votes, or directly creating and sharing stories on the platform.

We currently accept major cryptocurrencies, such as Matic.

Yes, you are free to resell your NFTs on our Marketplace or other supported NFT markets.

We use the latest blockchain technology to ensure the security and immutability of all NFTs.

The Angel Pool is a profit pool set up for Angel Card holders, distributing profits based on the number and type of cards held.

Like all investments, participating in the Angel Series crowdfunding carries market risks. Please make investment decisions based on your risk tolerance.

Funds are mainly used for the development of the StoryFi platform, marketing, and team management.

We regularly update the project’s progress on our official website and social media platforms.

Details of smart contracts will be published on our official website and in technical documents.

Currently, story publication requires our review and approval. We will open more self-publishing features in the future.

We collaborate with numerous artists, creative teams, and technology providers to drive the project’s development.

We use blockchain technology to ensure the originality and copyright ownership of each story and artwork.

We plan to expand the community, add more interactive features, and collaborate with more creators to enrich the StoryNFT ecosystem.

In the Marketplace, users can freely buy and sell story cards and other related NFTs on the StoryNFT platform. Once the Marketplace feature is launched, we will further publish more detailed usage rules and guidelines.

StoryFi’s DAO allows community members to participate in the project’s decision-making process. Users can influence the project’s direction and decisions by holding and voting with DAO tokens. Detailed participation mechanisms and rules will be announced after the DAO feature officially goes live.

StoryIDO is an incubator on the StoryFi platform that supports new story projects and creativity. It allows creators to raise funds and community support through Initial Dapp Offering (IDO). Specific participation conditions, processes, and rules will be detailed when the StoryIDO feature launches.

Through NFT Stake, users can stake their story cards in specific profit pools to receive periodic returns. This not only enhances the value of NFTs but also provides a way for users to earn passive income. The specific operation method and profit distribution rules of the Stake function will be announced after it goes live.

Please note that the launch of all the above features will be accompanied by more detailed usage rules and guidelines. We commit to providing necessary information and support to all users through our official website, social media, and community announcements when new features are introduced. Stay tuned for the latest developments from StoryFi.